Management Indicators

By way of introducing the subject of software metrics, perhaps the least controversial is a set of management indicators [10.5] that is clearly measurable in terms of factors in which management has a specific interest. Such a set is provided in Exhibit 10.5 and is a candidate for use on a software development project.

Exhibit 10.5: Candidate Management Indicators

1. Requiremente Volatility. The total number of requirements and requirement changes over time.

2. Software Size. Planned and actual number of units, lines of code, or other size measurements over time.

3. Software Staffing. Planned and actual staffing levels over time.

4. Software Complexity. Complexity of each software unit.

5. Software Progress. Planned and actual number of software units designed, implemented, unit tested, and integrated over time.

6. Problem/Change Report Status. Total number, number closed, number opened in the current reporting period, age, priority.

7. Build Release Content. Planned and actual number of software units released in each build.

8. Computer Hardware Resource Utilization. Planned and actual use of computer hardware resources (such as processor capacity, memory capacity, etc.) over time.

9. Milestone Performance. Planned and actual dates of key project milestones.

10. Scrap/Rework. Amount of resources expended to replace or revise software products after they are placed under project-level or higher configuration control.

11. Effect of Reuse. A breakout of each of the preceding indicators for reused versus new software products.

Although this list is quantitative, more conventional metrics known in the industry are considered in the next sections.

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