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This chapter focuses more sharply on the specific attributes of a Project Manager (PM) that are needed in order to be both a manager and a leader. Much has been written about the differences between a manager and a leader, making the point that even a good manager is not necessarily a leader. Students in my classes regale me with stories of their bosses who do not seem to have even the barest minimum of skills and awareness to deal with the human aspect of managing other people. At times, it appears as if this is the rule rather than the exception, leading to a great deal of frustration in the work environment. Bad managers may know the ''nuts and bolts'' of project management, but if the execution is devoid of an understanding of how to relate to people, the project will usually get into trouble. People just do not put forth their best efforts for a bad boss.

This chapter, then, attempts to shed some light on three basic questions:

1. What are the personal skills that the project manager must have or develop, especially with respect to human interactions?

2. How can the project manager deal more effectively with a poor or bad boss?

3. What are some of the key issues in dealing with the customer?

Going beyond these questions, the chapter ends with a discussion of transcending the basics of management into the domain of leadership.

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