International Organization for Standardization ISO

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has been producing standards that apply in the international arena. Companies that wish to do business outside the United States are paying a great deal of attention to such standards, recognizing that compliance is essential in order to compete successfully.

An example is the ISO 9000 Series, which deals with various aspects of product and service quality, as follows:

1. ISO 9000: Provides basic definitions and concepts; explains how to select and use other standards in the series

2. ISO 9001: Deals with external quality assurance (QA) situations; ensures conformance with requirements during design, development, production, installation, and service

3. ISO 9002: Deals with external QA situations; used when production and installation conformance are of concern

4. ISO 9003: Deals with external QA situations; focuses on ensuring conformance in final test and inspection

5. ISO 9004: Deals with internal QA situations; provides guidelines on technical, administrative, and human factors affecting the quality of products and services

Firms interested in providing products and services in Europe and countries outside the United States should pay special attention to what the ISO has established and is working on with respect to international standards in systems and software engineering and their related topics.

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