Interface Control

Experience indicates that many of the difficulties in building large systems show themselves in the interfaces between the subsystems and between the system and external systems with which it must interoperate. For this essential reason, we include interface control as a key element of systems engineering. In the hardware arena, we have come a long way in specifying such interfaces and assuring interface compatibility. In the case of software, we are further behind and have to develop new methods of specification for software modules that are candidates for reuse. The basic tasks that have to be accomplished under this element include:

• Definition of all interfaces

• Identification of the nature of all interfaces (physical, data, electrical, mechanical, etc.)

• Assurance of interface compatibility at all defined interfaces

• Strict control of the interface processes (design, construction, etc.)

This is a difficult bookkeeping and control problem that may involve tracking thousands of critical interfaces with the possibility that many interfaces may creep in that are not found until testing (such as cross-coupling of mechanical or electrical forces and fields). Also, many systems engineers simply do not give enough attention to this issue, and find that they pay an unexpected price downstream.

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