Interactions with Human Resources

Typically, the Human Resources Department (HRD) focuses upon at least the following:

1. Recruiting in order to satisfy project needs

2. Administering benefit programs (health insurance, etc.)

3. Managing the overall personnel review/evaluation process

4. Recommending salary and total compensation increases

5. Advising on special personnel problems

The need for new people for a project is usually established by the PM and the HRD is tasked to find these people. This is a most critical link in the relationship with the HRD, since without the right people at the right time, the project risks begin to escalate. Less interaction is required relative to the benefit programs, since they tend to be standard for all employees. Personnel performance reviews are held periodically and guidance is usually given to the PM by the HRD for consistent execution. This leads to salary and compensation increases, which tend to result in at least some unhappy people. This, in turn, might result in the HRD folks working with the PM in order to convey the correct messages to the employees in question. Typically, the PM, CSE, and PC are the most important folks in determining what the compensation will be for each member of the project team. The best results are usually obtained when there is good communication with the Human Resources people.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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