Interactions with Corporate Technology Officer CTO Office

Tasks that are typically carried out within the Office of the CTO are:

1. Identifying technologies that are needed now and into the future by the entire enterprise

2. Relating these technologies to individual programs and projects

3. Investing in and acquiring the necessary technologies

4. Training project personnel with respect to these technologies

5. Assisting project personnel with technology transfer and insertion in order to provide additional value to the customers as well as a highly competitive position

Interaction with the CTO office can ultimately have a profound effect upon the success of a project, especially the so-called high-tech projects. Such projects are continuously exploring new technologies that will result in superior performance at an affordable cost. If this can be achieved, the project will enhance its chances of success, both immediately and into the future. As we see in the next chapter, a project will often have a requirement to formulate a Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP), one of whose elements has to do with technology transitioning. This means that the project must consider and ultimately define how various technologies need to transition from current to future systems.

Another type of technology that is usually needed by a project team can be described by a set of computer-based tools. Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools are an example, and they provide the software engineering team the tools that it needs to get its job done. A project team that is provided with superior tools of this type will be able to operate at higher levels of productivity, which will translate into higher efficiency and a better overall result for the customer. Technology of all types can be viewed as discriminators that lead to better solutions, which, in turn, lead to project succcess.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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