Integration refers to the set of activities that bring together smaller units of a system into larger units. Such units, often called configuration items (CIs) and components, are generally manifest in hardware and software. As these units are completed, they are tested to assure that they are operating correctly. If so, they are then interconnected (integrated) with other tested units to build larger and larger subsystems. As problems of incompatibility show themselves, they are solved, one at a time. Often, this physical integration is the first time that there is a real opportunity to see if units will ''play together.'' If the interface control element (element number 13 in Exhibit 7.1) is performed with diligence, many such potential problems can be anticipated and averted.

This process of unit integration is a natural part of building any system. It can go astray when not enough time is allocated in the master schedule to account for the situations in which unexpected interoperability problems occur, despite all efforts to avoid them. The process of rapid prototyping has been introduced into some system development efforts, in part, to deal with such issues as early as possible.

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