Integrated Logistics Support ILS

Integrated logistics support (ILS) is defined as ''a disciplined, unified and iterative approach to the management and technical activities necessary to (a) integrate support considerations into system and equipment design; (b) develop support requirements that are related consistently to readiness objectives, to design, and to each other; (c) acquire the required support; and (d) provide the required support during the operational phase at minimum cost'' [7.21]. This definition was derived from a Department of Defense (DoD) Directive for ILS that was published in 1983 and is relevant and appropriate today. A more recent DoD Instruction [7.22], also cited in Chapter 2, establishes ILS policies and procedures for ensuring that (1) support considerations are effectively integrated into the system design, and (2) required support structure elements are acquired concurrently with the system so that the system will be both supportable and supported when fielded. This latter instruction emphasizes ILS procedures in the following areas:

a. Readiness objectives b. Integrated logistics support plan (ILSP)

c. Computer resources support d. Planning factors e. Logistics support analysis f. Manpower, personnel, training, and safety g. Accelerated acquisition strategies h. Interim contractor support i. Depot maintenance support j. Spares acquisition integrated with production k. Postproduction support l. Logistics resources m. Milestone decision reviews

The ten specific elements of ILS are further defined as:

1. Maintenance planning

2. Manpower and personnel

3. Supply support

4. Support equipment

5. Technical data

6. Training and training support

7. Computer resources support

8. Facilities

9. Packaging, handling, storage, and transportation 10. Design interface

Clearly, given its defined scope, integrated logistics support is a critical element of systems engineering.

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