Inadequate Articulation of Requirements

Requirements for a system are normally defined by the customer for the system and are at times referred to as ''user'' requirements. Such systems can be completely new or they can represent upgrades of current systems. Especially if they are new, the customer often has difficulty in expressing these requirements in a complete and consistent fashion, and in terms that can be utilized by a system developer. It is also the case that it may be simply too early to understand all system requirements. Poor requirements invariably lead to poor system design. This situation remains a problem if the requirements cannot be negotiated and modified for various contractual reasons. Both users and developers complain about requirements, but from their own perspectives.

They agree that something new has to be done regarding how requirements are defined and satisfied and several proposals have been made (such as the ''spiral model'' for software development) to improve the situation. Flexibility is called for in contractual situations that can be quite formal and unyielding. Project Managers must keep this high on their list of potential problem areas.

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