Exhibit A continued

—Functional management areas designed with various COTS application packages and customization: —Data management: Borland's Paradox 4.5 —Model management: Expert Choice, MS Office for Windows —Dialog management: MS Visual Basic 3.0 —DOS 5.0 OS with Windows 3.1 and Novelle Netware 3.11 NOS

—Pentium, 66-MHz PC File Server —486DX2, 33-MHz PC Workstation

• Enhance SD-DSS to handle the overall defect resolution process by adding configuration management functionality.

• Add technology upgrades with new COTS hardware and software as they become available.

This case study of a software defects tracking and assessment system thus focused on the elements of requirements definition, alternatives evaluation, life-cycle costing, risk, and P3I. Special attention was paid to the sensitivity of the alternatives selection by utilizing the Expert Choice commercial software package and displaying these sensitivities in real time. This simulated system architecting process provided fertile ground for exploring both variations and extensions of the basic process. Exercises of this type are necessarily limited, but provide an excellent overview of key steps that are critical to systems architecting.

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