Dedication to Accomplishing Goals

This attribute might also be called determination. Because it is the rule rather than the exception that problems will arise on essentially every project, the PM must be dedicated to getting through each and every problem in order to accomplish the stated project goals. This means not allowing oneself to be victimized by the ''system,'' management, or the customer. After a frustrating day, the PM should have the energy and determination to come back the next day with a renewed sense of how to relieve the frustration and find effective work-arounds, if necessary.

Forever Motivated

Forever Motivated

I can show you how to get motivated for ANYTHING. Yes, whether it's dealing with difficult relationship, health, or any other issues. Here's How It Works. Finding the motivation to do something difficult comes from within. No matter what anyone else says- you've got to know how to do it for yourself. The thing is- NOBODY teaches you how to motivate yourself, right? That's not exactly something we're taught in school these days. Luckily, after a TON of trial and error I've simplified the process.

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