Configuration Management

Configuration management (CM) is largely a bookkeeping and control activity that involves the following subelements [7.1]:

• Identification

• Status accounting

• Traceability

Although most CM concepts are simple, they are often carried out poorly or not at all. This is a serious mistake, especially for a large system. Failure to keep track of and control the status of all system configurations leads to backtracking to try to understand just exactly what version of the system the team is dealing with. This problem shows up especially in software development in which there is the potential for making changes quickly and easily.

A key concept in system development that relates to the element of CM is that of system ''baselining.'' When a satisfactory version of a part of the system has been constructed and tested, it may be given a baseline name and number. From a CM point of view, that version of the system cannot be changed without going through a formal configuration control board (CCB) review and action. The CSE is thereby able to maintain control over the system and assure that it is built logically, incrementally, and under positive change management.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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