Automation of Requirements Analysis and Allocation RAA

There has been an increasing recognition of the need to automate the process of RAA. For a large and complex system, manual handling of RAA is basically obsolete. Early automated systems for RAA include such tools as:

• The Input-Output Requirements Language (IORL)

• The Software Requirements Engineering Methodology (SREM)

• The Problem Statement Language/Problem Statement Analyzer (PSL/ PSA)

These tools are attributed to Teledyne Brown, TRW, and Meta Corporation, respectively.

More recent software packages have been reviewed and analyzed by the Air Force's Software Technology Support Center (STSC) [8.11], describing over 100 so-called Upper CASE tools for this purpose. These include tools for requirements specification and analysis, a dozen of which follow:

1. Teamwork/RT: Cadre Technologies

2. CARDTools: Cardtool Systems Corporation

3. Cohesion: DEC

4. Power Tools: Iconix Software Engineering

5. Software Through Pictures: IDE

6. Excelerator: Intersolv

7. IEW: Knowledgeware

8. Battlemap: McCabe & Associates

9. System Architect: Popkin Software & Systems

10. RTrace: Protocol

11. SES Workbench: Scientific and Engineering Software

12. IEF: Texas Instruments

Two very popular and capable packages not listed in the STSC's report are Marconi's RTM and Unisys' REQUIRE.

Many requirements documents are now calling for a requirements analysis tool in hand and in operation from the start of a new contract and systems engineering effort. The state of the art in systems engineering tools strongly supports the use of software aids to carry out requirements analysis and allocation.

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