DoD Requirements Format ICASE

The DoD has long been interested in building an Integrated Computer-Aided Software Engineering (I-CASE) system. The statement of work for such a system, produced by the Air Force, has a specification that contains a statement of requirements for I-CASE [8.8]. The four-digit table of contents for these requirements is shown in Exhibit 8.4.

Exhibit 8.4: Requirements Outline for I-CASE


10.3.1 Overview

10.3.2 I-CASE Software Engineering Environment Standards Information Systems Security Functional Requirements Hardware I-CASE SEE Integration

10.3.3 I-CASE Operational Test Environment Overview Standards I-CASE Operational Test Environment Information Security Application Test Management Application Release Control

10.3.4 Application Execution Environment Overview Standards I-CASE Application Execution Environment Information Security Run-Time Components End-User Capabilities Application Release Installation

From Exhibit 8.4, we note two aspects of this statement:

• Section identifies the requirements by functional area

• The emphasis on test and execution environments

With respect to the former, the requirements document deals extensively with the requirements for each functional area, confirming the general practice that requirements are keyed to the system as defined by its functions and subfunc-tions. The lead-in to the functional requirements section states as follows:

The I-CASE SEE [software engineering environment] will consist of an information repository and COTS [commercial-off-the-shelf] software components that support the software development and maintenance process. The I-CASE SEE will provide an environment that supports software development and maintenance activities including business case analysis, software engineering, application migration, program/project management, configuration management, quality assurance, life cycle documentation, presentation production, requirements traceability, impact analysis, error reporting, security, and external system interface support.

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