The product description

Product title

Course definition document


To ensure that the proposed course meets the client's needs such that approval may be granted for creation of the materials.

2. Course duration

3. Course objectives

4. Instructional strategy

5. Prerequisites

6. Deliverables

7. Logistics

8. Timetable

9. Syllabus


Course requirements


A4 spiral-bound document, hardback and transparent cover bearing client's logo



Customer sponsor

Quality criteria

1. Does it satisfy each item from the course requirements?

2. Is the volume of course content achievable within the timescale?

3. Has at least 30 minutes been devoted to risk management?

4. Is the course based around a case study?

5. Has a maximum number of delegates per course been stated?

Quality method 1. Quality review by supplier before presentation to client 2. Quality rev'ew by customer's internal quality rev'ew panel

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