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The planning process described here and in Chapter 6 has followed the sequence:

e Products e Resources e Effort e Timescales

The creation of a project plan is a process that should begin with a reasonable understanding of what the project has to deliver: its products. It should then be possible to determine what resources will be needed and what effort and costs will be expected. Only then will it be possible to produce a timescale. This is a sensible approach to planning, yet all too often the process begins with a Gantt chart, with no reference to deliverables, quality or resources.

At the end of these steps, the plan will contain expressions of how expectations of quality, budget and durations are to be met. They will be consistent because the right amount of money to deliver the specified products in the proposed timescale will have been calculated. It may well be that the plan fails to meet expectations in one or more respects, but any change to one aspect of the plan usually has an impact on another, so the process should be reapplied to any changes. In this way, the plan is refined to a point at which it satisfies as many stakeholders' expectations as possible, ideally all of them.

The four words above spell pret, which means "ready" in French. Only by covering these steps in this order is the plan ready to be submitted for approval.

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