Quality criteria

Because quality criteria define the characteristics of the product that would make it fit for its purpose, this list is the most important part of the product description. Just as the project has success criteria, so does each individual product and, in the same way, they are expressed as questions. If each question asked in this section were answered positively, the product would be fit for its purpose and could be approved and signed off. The more sophisticated and elaborate the list of quality criteria, the greater the expectation of the quality of the end product.

This list not only confirms that the developed product is complete, but also steers the product developer towards getting it right first time. Knowing the audience and describing their expectations before development starts minimises the potential of developing a series of failed prototypes. Creating a list of quality criteria can be helped by:

e arranging quality criteria in order of those who will use the product (the audience); e asking everyone in the audience to prioritise the quality criteria relevant to them; e checking all product quality criteria for consistency with project success criteria;

e asking whether the rest of the product description has been followed;

e expressing quality criteria as measurable and unambiguous questions to which "yes" or "no" are the only options; e avoiding adjectives such as "effective", "clear" and "suitable" because each member of the audience will interpret them differently; e checking the composition section and determining the quality criteria for each item listed. This will help if identifying quality criteria for the overall product is causing difficulties.

The number of quality criteria does not just indicate the product's prospective quality; it shows the quality of the product description itself.

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