Common construction errors

Course definition document




L 2 ;


course bookings


1 Nothing appears to be dependent upon "lecturer notes", so why is this product needed? If a dependence exists, it should be shown.

2 It is not clear which products are dependent on which others. The horizontal line does not show a direction and could mean that "presentation slides" and "course bookings" are dependent on either the "course definition document" or the "course schedule" or both. The product flow diagram must make the dependencies clear and the arrows between products must always be direct.

3 A product number is missing.

4 This suggests the two products involved might never be completed and is contrary to the concept of product-based planning. If "course schedule" needs to be revisited before "course bookings" are complete, a new product, "revised course schedule", should be shown

to quality can be articulated first so that time and cost expectations can be more effectively managed.

Some common construction errors are shown in Figure 6.4.

A robust plan means the same thing to everyone who reads it. Throughout the process so far, it is highly likely that questions will have been raised about each product and it is unlikely that everyone will have a clear and common understanding. The titles of the products are open to misinterpretation and do not fully describe their content, format and purpose.

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