A time management solution

An organisation wants to implement a process for recording the time spent by its employees on planned and unplanned activity. A computer system will facilitate this, but employees will be significantly affected because they will be penalised for failing to complete timesheets on time, and will be restricted from undertaking any activity for which a timesheet code does not exist.

The project has been sponsored by the head of operations who wishes to increase productivity through more focused, planned work. The developers will be members of the technology department, but there will also be a small but significant emphasis on the legal matters involved, so human resources will have to ensure that regulations are complied with.

The project is likely to touch every part of the organisation, not only because most people will have to complete a timesheet at the end of each week, but also because the management information arising from the computer system will be used by many departments in a variety of ways.

The project steering group has a clear project sponsor, the head of operations, while members of the human resources and technology departments will represent the interests of the solution developers. Given the potentially large number of users of the solution, however, there is a good case for forming a user forum. This may include anyone who

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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