A regulated market

Board of directors ue & :

Third party supplier Dept 1 Dept 2 Head of project management Portfolio management team


Project x





Resource supply (resource pools)

Resource demand (projects)

Having a resource management function does not remove the need for the resource pool managers to nurture their teams. Nor does it mean that they should not plan for future project and business-as-usual demands. It can, however, add these considerable benefits:

e forward planning of resource numbers so that cross-department recruitment campaigns can be managed; e increased negotiating power with third-party resource providers; e improved arbitration where resource conflicts arise; e skills management (using skills profiles for selection rather than availability alone); e decreases in the incidence of potentially available resources being reserved for the personal use of their department (resource pool) managers.

To make this happen, the resource management function must:

e plan and maintain forecasts for company-wide resource demands based on regularly gathered project resource plans; e plan and maintain forecasts for company-wide resource supply based on regularly gathered department resource plans; e match resource demand from potential and existing projects with the potential and existing supply available from internal and external resource pools; e identify, report and respond to resource supply and demand trends;

e plan, co-ordinate and support recruitment campaigns across the organisation.

At the end of a year, it should be possible to judge the function's success by measuring:

e to what extent resource utilisation has been maximised; e the availability of a current, company-wide resource plan; e whether, at any time, all projects have a forecast of resource demand and all departments have a forecast of resource supply.

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