The Scope Description

After you have defined the customer requirements, you're ready to write a description of the final deliverable. This is called the scope description. The purpose of the scope description is to fully describe what will be produced, so that when the customer reads it, he or she can say, "Yes, this is what I want," or "No, you've missed something here." The scope description is a communication tool to ensure that what you are producing is what the customer and sponsor want you to produce.

The scope description will probably only be a couple of paragraphs. You can attach the list of requirements to the description to document the features and functions that will be included in the final deliverable. If a drawing or diagram would help describe the final deliverable, include it. Anything that communicates what your final product will be is helpful here.

Suppose you were commissioned to plan a celebration for a new product line that your company has recently launched successfully. The final deliverable is a dinner/dance to be held for selected employees and their invited guests. The scope description for this project might start out as follows:

The product launch celebration will be held on September 15 th at the Magnolia Plantation. There will be no more than 100 invited guests (employees and key suppliers). They, in turn, will be allowed to invite one guest of their own. Therefore, the total number of attendees will not exceed 200. The celebration will start at 7:00 p.m. with an outside reception and then an inside catered dinner. There will be 30 minutes of speeches after dinner. A dance band will be provided for the evening entertainment. The dinner/dance will end at 12 p.m. Dress will be business attire. The décor will be in the style of. . . .

The scope description would continue, describing the critical features and functions related to our final deliverable, the dinner/dance. The project customer, the VP of marketing, would review the scope description to make sure that you were on the right track as you progressed with your planning activities.

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