Team Member Liaisons

Stakeholders are important because they can make or break a project, particularly if a project involves implementing a plan or design of some type. Stakeholders are typically the ones who will have to run the processes or services that you have installed. Resistance to the implementation can mean the death of what you and your team may have spent months putting together. For example, suppose you redesign a business process but don't include the stakeholders for the business process on the team. Once you've completed your redesign, the business process managers are expected to implement the new design, but they did not participate in the redesign process. How receptive do you think they'll be to the changes you are proposing? People typically don't like to change and they particularly don't like other people dictating what changes they need to make. Save yourself a lot of headaches and include the stakeholders in the project. Here again, their participation will pay off in increased understanding, accuracy, ownership, and commitment.

Not every stakeholder can be on the team. That would make the project team too large and cumbersome. When team membership is not necessary, assign a liaison from the team to keep the stakeholder informed about what is going on, and solicit his or her ideas and inputs to bring back to the team. (The team member liaison must be a regular team member.)

Record the team status (regular or ad hoc or none) for each stakeholder on your stakeholder form. If the stakeholder will not be on the team, add the name of the team member liaison to the last column on the form.

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