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The resource or functional manager is usually the overseer of the resources (primarily people) that you'll need to do the project. The people who work on the project report to the resource manager and they are then assigned to the project on either a full or, more often, a parttime basis. It is a challenge of the project leader to gain the cooperation and commitment of these people who do not report to him or her. That challenge is met most easily by using a participative project management approach.

The role of the resource manager is to

✓ Provide people to be project team members.

✓ Review and approve the project plan for their areas.

✓ Provide direction, as required, to the team member who represents the resource department.

✓ Make sure the people working on the project from the department have the appropriate level of skill and expertise to do the work.

✓ Make sure team members are provided with the time to complete the project, as defined in the approved project plan.

✓ Remove obstacles for the project team.

A project runs smoothly if everyone performs his or her role. Nevertheless, it is primarily the job of the project leader, with the help of the sponsor, to ensure these roles are fulfilled. Roles vary depending on the phase that the project is in. Let's examine the four phases, or major subdivisions, within the project management process.

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