Participatory Project Management

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Participative project management represents the newer management technology for projects. The project leader facilitates the project management process, leading the team through the steps of planning. The team, under the direction of the project leader, monitors the progress of the project as the work is completed. Decisions about the work are made with the involvement of the team and communication flow is not only up and down from team members to the project leader, but across the team as well. (See Figure 1.3.)

The benefits of a participative approach are:

✓ Each member of the team understands how his or her individual piece of the project fits into the big picture.

✓ More ideas are generated.

Participatory Project Management
Figure 1.3 Participative style of communication.

^ Better decisions are made when everyone participates.

^ Participation creates ownership, which strengthens commitment and accountability.

^ Team morale is usually higher.

^ There is less rework.

^ Individual and team performance is increased.

A participative approach generally provides for better project results. The CORE PM method, which we will discuss in this book, is the most widely used participative method available today.

Both directive and participative approaches depend on people. Nothing happens without the cooperation of people. Let's explore the role that people need to play in producing a successful project.

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