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Online Data Entry Jobs

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Online Data Entry Jobs Summary

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Integration with HR Systems Skill Categories

Most companies maintain certain resource information, such as skills for all employees, in their HR or ERP systems, and would like to use the same information as the basis for specifying the skills of individual resources and the skill categories for needs during resource planning. This would eliminate the cost of duplicate data entry. In some cases this integration may be easy, but in others it may be more difficult if the HR and resource management systems use the data differently. CRI found it difficult to integrate data from its HR system into its resource management system. Instead, it decided to develop common, front-end software that enabled one-time data entry and provided the necessary data to each system.

Creating and Customizing Forms

Custom forms are dialog boxes that display Microsoft Project fields for data entry. Don't confuse custom forms with built-in form views such as the Task Entry view. Form views are built in to Microsoft Project and show a set of predetermined fields. On the other hand, custom forms are like dialog boxes that you create. You specify the fields of information you want on the form, where they are to be placed, and how they are accessed.

Tracking Your Progress

Here's where you get the payoff for all your data entry and patient resolution of problems in your schedule. After you set your basic schedule and the project begins, you can track its progress and check data on your status from various perspectives. Chapter 11 gives you an overview of the tracking process. Chapter 12 shows you how to track progress on your individual tasks and view that progress in various ways. Chapter 13 is where you explore the power of generating reports on your projects for everyone from management to individual project team members. Chapter 14 gives advice and methods for analyzing your progress and making adjustments as needed to stay on schedule and within your budget.

Customzing Cost Fields

A lookup table allows you to create a drop-down list of values in a field to select from. So, if your company has a few standard hourly rates or per-use costs for materials, customizing these fields can make your information entry faster and also help prevent data-entry mistakes that can occur when you enter all rates manually.

Scenario Scope Chang Determine Resolution and then Communicate and Justify Changes

In the normal process, lab technicians test the ingredients at three different points during the manufacturing process, record the data on an MS Word template, and then e-mail the template to a data entry clerk. The clerk then enters the data into a locally managed database. The same template is used for all three tests. This means that depending on the test being performed, some fields on the template don't apply to the specific test but are completed by the technician, or some critical information fields do apply but aren't completed by the technician. The three required testing points and their current process flows are 1. The incoming raw ingredients are first physically and chemically inspected by lab technicians upon receipt of the ingredients. The lab tech records the results on the Word document and then e-mails the Word document to the warehouse and to the data entry clerk. If the ingredients are contaminated, the warehouse notifies the supplier of the specifics about the raw...

Using the Lag Variable

Pauses or delays between activities are indicated in the network diagram through the use of lag variables. Lag variables are best defined by way of an example. Suppose that the data is being collected by mailing out a survey and is entered as the surveys are returned. Imposing an SS dependency between mailing out the surveys and entering the data would not be correct unless we introduced some delay between mailing surveys and getting back the responses that could be entered. For the sake of the example, suppose that we wait 10 days from the date we mailed the surveys until we schedule entering the data from the surveys. Ten days is the time we think it will take for the surveys to arrive, for the recipients to answer the survey questions, and for us to get the surveys back to us in the mail. In this case, we have defined an SS dependency with a lag of 10 days. Or, to put it another way, activity B (data entry) can start 10 days after activity A (mail the survey) has started.

Whats required of you

Many people contemplate using project management software with about as much relish as they contemplate their next visit to the dentist. They anticipate hours of data-entry time before they can get anything out of the software. To some extent, that vision is true. You have to provide a certain amount of information about your project for any software to estimate schedules and generate reports, just as you have to enter numbers for a spreadsheet to calculate a budget or a loan payback schedule.

Myth Designs Are Documents

There are at least two levels of interactivity of a design. The first is external, at the user interface level what the user sees and does. A perfectly plausible screen design on paper may prove to be impractical when created. What appear to be trivial matters, such as using the mouse to position focus on a field or object, may render the application awkward and unworkable to a high-speed data entry clerk, trained in touch-typing, whose fingers never leave the keyboard.

Software Systems Considerations

Of course, all stakeholders can be included in the full, bi-directional system. Security can be set to allow queries, but disallow data entry. This gives full (or limited) access to the data, on demand, without exposing the database to unauthorized inputs. For the broadest access, from remote locations, a web-based system will usually serve these users better than a client server system. With the former system, the users do not require any PM system software on their computers.

Using Industry Experience Function Points

The whole application is rated on 14 measures of overall complexity, which include the degree of distributed processing and the proportion of transactions that involve online data entry. Each complexity measure is rated on a five-point scale (i.e., 70 is the highest score possible). The complexity rating is divided by 100 and 0.65 is

Analyzing Initial Needs and Requirements

As you could see back in Digure 2.1, a customer' s requested deliverables come to you in the form of desires, needs, and expectations. I need this screen to do this I would expect that once this project is complete, my data-entry folks will be able to do this The customer explains to you, in the best language they can find, what they want the proposed system to do. It ' s your job as PM to analyze the needs that the customer is talking about and render them into project deliverables. You can then determine what requirements should be included in each deliverable. Dor example, suppose that you re going to create a car. The deliverable is a car. One of the requirements might be that the car is blue, another that the car has four-wheel drive. A requirement is a specification of the deliverable.

Sharing Resources Using a Resource Pool

If you already have resource information in an existing project file, you can use it to create your resource pool file and cut down on your data entry. One method for doing this is to copy the existing project file and then delete the task information from the new copy. To do this, follow these steps

Using Custom Fields

In Chapter 7, you read about outline codes, which are custom fields in Project. In previous versions of Project, you've had the ability to store custom data in a project file. However, you haven't been able to manipulate that data. Starting in Project 2000, custom fields enable you to create pick lists to use to ensure accurate data entry, create formulas to perform calculations on custom data, and insert icons that indicate graphically that a field contains custom data.

What Is The Goal

Often, what seems like an obvious software project goal may not be seen the same way by everyone. This is why it is important to write it down and interpret it for the project team. For example, a software development project to build a Web-based timesheet data entry system may be viewed as Each of these views implies a different level of robustness, ease of use, and maintainability for the final end-product software deliverable. Unfortunately, many project managers would simply state that the project goal is to build a timesheet data entry system, and leave it at that, inviting misinterpretation later. To clarify the goal for all stakeholders, this project could have the goal and objectives defined as in Box 112.

Why Integrate

Once we recognize the need for such data integration, we can also realize the benefits of single entry of data and consistency of such data. Without this integration, we not only lose efficiency by necessitating redundant data entry, but also face the risk of conflicting data.

Stateofthe Art

Firms seeking to manage all of their projects in an enterprise-wide mode, while minimizing duplication of data entry and maximizing connectivity to the corporate financial and data systems, will want to take a good look at these new offerings. The CFO will appreciate the ability to analyze the impact of projects on the business. The CIO, using the data warehouse, will appreciate the improved data security and consistency. Both will appreciate the rules-based flow of data within the greater system. The CPO (Chief Projects Officer) will appreciate the automated link to time and cost data, and the single point of entry. The CEO will finally gain the long-awaited objective of fully integrated analysis and forecasting of all the firm's business.

Availability Report

Reporting availabilities to the project managers. In other words, the project managers were the cause of their own problem, which they incorrectly laid at the feet of the HR department. Apparently, it was not a priority of the project managers to report those availabilities. In order to raise the visibility of the availability report, it was assigned to the PMO. They came up with a data entry and reporting system that made the data available in a timely manner. The PMO now had direct contact with both the contributing project manager and the receiving project manager and that was the impetus needed to get the new system up and running without overburdening the project managers.

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