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The final initial step is to select the right person to serve as project manager. Amelia recognizes the importance of selecting the right person—his or her qualities have a direct impact on the outcome of the wedding. That's why she looks first and foremost at the leadership qualities of the person. After all, many qualified people can do the mechanics of project management, but not everyone is a project leader.

After making a few mistakes in the past, Amelia has learned that the technically competent person is not necessarily a competent project leader. A person may have the best logical and analytical mind in the group and yet lack the qualities that lead a project to a successful conclusion. Because the project manager must interact with many people (such as sponsors, senior management, client, and team members), it is important that that person have good "people skills." These skills include:

Exhibit 2-3. Task vs. matrix structure.

Task Structure

Matrix Structure


• Autonomous

• Dedicated resources

• Greater control over people

• Greater decision-making authority

• High visibility


• Access to expertise not ordinarily available

• Flexibility in adopting to changing circumstances

• Less idle time for team members

• Fewer morale problems as project concludes


• Impacted by turnover

• Less flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances

• Threat to morale as project winds down


• Conflict with other projects of higher priority

• High stress due to conflicting demands

• Less autonomy

• Less control over people

• Less decision-making authority

Active listening

• Business orientation

• Communication

• Conflict resolution

• Cross-functional thinking

• Customer orientation

• Delegation

• Diversity orientation

• Facilitation

• Interviewing

• Meetings management

• Negotiation

• Networking

• Political savvy

• Power of persuasion

• Priority setting

• Sensitivity

• Successful delivery of product

• Team building

Time management

Of course, she also recognizes the need for additional skills:

• Communications (writing and public speaking)

• Computer literacy

• Knowledge of human resource management, procurement, and quality

• Legal affairs

• Organizational


Product/technical knowledge Risk management Statistics and mathematics


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