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Every discipline has its alphabet soup, abbreviations or acronyms for seemingly nonmistakable terms and functions. In project management, we have the WBS, OBS, and RBS, which, of course, everyone clearly understands. Right? It should only be that simple.

The truth is that these terms have been applied somewhat loosely within the project management community and by the popular project management software packages. Sometimes, new terms are introduced to replace the basic three, and even worse, these basic terms are being applied to functions that differ from the traditional concepts.

In some cases, this deviation may primarily be a careless application of the wrong term or willingness to stray from the traditional concept. In other, more deleterious cases, the misuse of the terms will make it appear that the product has capabilities that are not present. For instance, the availability of a data field that contains an activity tag number called WBS does not necessarily mean that the product has a true WBS capability.

Trap Any full WBS-type function (including OBS or RBS) must be able to facilitate data summarization and reporting by these codes, to any level. Using WBS codes solely for sorting and selecting (filters) does not constitute a WBS function.

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