Project Database Maintenance

Besides the actual deliverables that the project teams should be required to generate as a matter of course, a fair amount of information about the projects will be generated during their life cycle. There will be costing information, including staffing and equipment, all the information relating to team efficiency, and personal development of staff members during the life of the project, much of which is passed back to the Liaison Center from the various project and team managers.

This information needs to be collected, referenced, and stored in an appropriate manner. If ever there comes a time when other departments within the organization need some guidance when preparing quotes, or deciding to move into a new market, the Liaison Center should be the first place to which they turn.

Even the human resources department might require some data on staff performance, to help in rewarding employees for a productive year, if the company is doing well, and perhaps administering suitable penalties toward those unproductive staff members should the need arise.

The database should be able to allow ad-hoc queries of this nature, as well as some form of routine repor ting that will be used as a guide to the general health of the software engineering department. It will need to store various pieces of information, both quantitative and references to qualitative data, probably indexed in a manner that allows easy retrieval.

Naturally, the role of the Project Database is one that in smaller organizations can be partially automated. In other words, the smaller the sets of data that are introduced (probably by various people), the easier it is to manage without human intervention. Where large numbers of projects are involved, it becomes necessary to employ a member of staff to clean up the collection of data and ensure its correctness.

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