IT Infrastructure

Usually, the target organization will have certain policies that dictate the distribution of IT equipment, from workstations to servers, networking equipment, and so forth. However, due to the quantity and nature of the information that will be accumulated, stored, and referenced, it is advisable to allocate a separate server for the Liaison Center, with sufficient storage capacity, backup procedure, and robustness.

If electronic mail is used for communication within the organization, mailboxes should be created for project management and documentation. These will be used as a depositing point for information pertinent to the progress of projects, and associated documents. On the server, a folder needs to be created for each project that is being serviced by the organization.

In the course of this book, we will be adding information stores and subfolders to this initial structure, assuming that the bare bones of the IT Infrastructure are in place.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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