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The project manager's challenge is to combine two discrete areas of competence:

►The art of project management—Effective communications, trust, values, integrity, honesty, sociability, leadership, staff development, flexibility, decision making, perspective, sound business judgment, negotiations, customer relations, problem solving, managing change, managing expectations, training, mentoring, and consulting.

►The science of project management—Plans, WBS, Gantt charts, standards, CPM/prece-dence diagrams, controls variance analysis, metrics, methods, earned value, s-curves, risk management, status reporting, resource estimating, and leveling.

Because of the nature of the enterprises that were early adopters of project management (military, utility, construction industries), the profession "grew up" in an environment with a strong cost accounting view and developed a focus on project planning and controls—an emphasis on the science. This is the kind of project management that we think of as being "traditional" or "classic" project management. However, it simply represents an early evolutionary stage in the life of the discipline.

Since then, we have seen the emergence of countless trends. Project management is being used in nearly all industries, and across all functions within those industries. Organizations have flattened out, matrixed organizations have taken root, and new information technology has allowed people to communicate more effectively and reduce cycle-times across all business processes. As a result, management began pushing more projects onto an increasingly complex organization. The role of project manager is now very demanding and requires an ever-expanding arsenal of skills, especially "soft" or interpersonal skills.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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