Value of Certification

The value of certification is a hotly contested issue in project management. Many argue that the knowledge-based certifications that exist today simply show that you have some background knowledge and can pass an examination, not that you can successfully manage projects. Again there is no clear evidence that certification increases the success of project managers on any clearly definable criteria.

In fact, certification and licensing are not designed to eliminate poor performance or to guarantee a very high standard in all cases. It has more to do with providing an adequate screening mechanism and controlling the entry of individuals into the profession. The value of licensing doctors came from eliminating thousands of quacks and incompetents and raising the general standard. As a consumer or patient, it is still up to you to find a "good" physician. The potential values arising through certification/licensing (professionalization) of project management are:

►Raising the general level of practice

►Increasing the status of the practitioners

►Increasing the rewards for practicing project managers

►Screening out most of the individuals who should not be claiming that they are competent to practice.

However, most of these benefits come from setting the entrance criteria significantly high that not anyone who takes a course and studies can pass the exam. Failure rates on these "bar exams" are usually kept to a significant level. As the value of holding the certification rises, individual practitioners can expect the educational bar to be raised on attaining certification.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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