Leadership Style Effectiveness

For more than ten years, the author has investigated influence bases with regard to project management effectiveness.3 Through those formal studies it is measurably and consistently found that managers who are perceived by their personnel as (1) emphasizing work challenge and expertise, but (2) deemphasizing authority, penalty, and salary, foster a climate of good communications, high involvement, and strong support to the tasks at hand. Ultimately, this style results in high performance ratings by upper management.

The relationship of managerial influence, style, and effectiveness has been statistically measured.4 One of the most interesting findings is the importance of work challenge as an influence method. Work challenge appears to integrate the personal goals and needs of personnel with organizational goals. That is, work challenge is primarily oriented toward extrinsic rewards with less regard to the personnel's progressional needs. Therefore, enriching the assignments of team personnel in a professionally challenging way may indeed have a beneficial effect on overall performance. In addition, the assignment of challenging work is a variable over which project managers may have a great deal of control. Even if the total task structure is fixed, the method by which work is assigned and distributed is discretionary in most cases.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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