Challenges For The It Project Manager

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What challenges exist today and in the near future for the IT project manager? Staying Abreast with Technology

One of the most obvious challenges is the ability to stay abreast with the technology. The onslaught of wireless technologies, in addition to the legacy mainframe and client server technologies, is changing the way we think of information technology. The effective use of information technology is indeed a strategic market differentiator for many businesses. A prime example is the rollout of RFID within the Wal-Mart business community. 8

The management of the projects associated with this particular endeavor can mean tremendous profits to some companies. So while the affected project managers do not need to personally be RFID experts, they do need to be sure they are comfortable with the plans and schedules they are operating under, and that any risks of schedule slippage are communicated in a timely manner to their business sponsors.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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