1.1 System/Product Definition The system/product definition section serves as an overview of what the system or product is to do, including a general description of the use of the system or product by the end user. This information is normally derived from the contract or memorandum of understanding.

1.2 Basic Approach The basic approach section explains how the project organization will develop, produce, organize, or implement the system or product defined in Section 1.1. This information is sometimes described in the project contract or memorandum of understanding, but may also be a product of the project team after the contract has been signed.

1.3 Alternative Approaches The alternative approaches section contains descriptions of alternatives considered or which may be considered if the basic approach (Section 1.2) is deemed unacceptable or unworkable. These are normally developed by the project team as fallback or fail-safe positions, but may also serve simply as evidence that other approaches were considered.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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