1.0 Project Overview

The project overview should be provided by the project manager or her designee. It should be a brief analysis of areas of significant accomplishment and shortfall.

2.0 Individual Status Reports

2.1 Component Status Report

2.1.1 Targeted accomplishments

2.1.2 Actual accomplishments

2.1.3 Variance analysis

2.1.4 Action items

The individual status reports should be structured to ensure the succinct sharing of information. Each team member providing a report should be directed to share only information as prescribed for their individual project element or component (e.g., if they're working on Control Account 1.3.4, they should only provide information on Control Account 1.3.4, and not other components of the WBS). Action items should include the specific support or actions required to bring the component back into alignment with the original targets.

3.0 Action Item Review

The project manager should summarize the action items gathered during the meeting and provide a synopsis of those requirements. These will ultimately be logged on the action item register (Chapter 5).

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