The information embedded in the project proposal is often couched as a sales pitch or enticement to encourage other members of the organization to support the effort. Even so, the information included in the proposal should be presented as objectively as possible to allow for independent assessment of the validity of the suggestion(s) included therein.

• Name of the project. This should be descriptive, rather than creative. Instead of the "Gruntilator 1400," the name might be "Exercise Equipment Station."

• Initiator. This is the author of the project proposal, including name, function, and contact information.

• Project sponsor/champion (optional). Provide the name of the senior management or executive level authority supporting the project's initiation.

• Technical/support organization (optional). As appropriate, list the name of the functional organization primarily responsible for project implementation.

• Project description and justification. Provide a general description of the project, including the impetus for implementation.

• Recommended manager/resources. List any specific resources or resource skill sets required for project success, as well as the rationale for their selection.

• Project budget/schedule (optional). As appropriate and available, this information, if included, should be provided with a relative range of accuracy to denote the confidence level in the numbers provided.

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