Because as-built drawings reflect the final version of the project deliverables, they take time to develop. But since they are at the end of the project, there is often a temptation to begin developing such drawings before the total effort is com-plete—and that's not an unreasonable or inappropriate temptation. The key, however, is to accept the level of rework that will invariably be associated with initiating the work early.

A similar problem occurs when trying to build new as-built drawings, using the old version as the primary reference. A classic episode occurred at one U.S. Pentagon project where the team went to a set of as-built drawings in the 1990s and found that they had not been updated since shortly after World War II. As a result, many of the references in the drawings were completely out of date, and a significant level of effort was invested in retracing what should have been updated with every modification over the years.

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