Documentation from work results is used as affirmation that work has been accomplished as prescribed. If work was completed in a way other than how it was originally specified, the work results documentation will reflect that variance. The documentation is used as a tool to build evidence that progress is being made, that deliverables are being produced, and that effort is being put forth. At the work package level, that information allows the project manager to build a piece-by-piece history of project progress. At the summary levels, that information can be presented to management or the customer to highlight the volume and nature of work accomplished.

Table 5.9 Sample Telephone Log


The date and time the call occurred


A simple "me" or "them" to identify who called whom


Name and contact telephone of caller

Subject Matter Topic of conversation

Promises/Action Items

Specific promises or action items planned as a result

Follow-Up Date(s)

Time reference for any requisite follow-up conversation

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