Negotiate Agreement and Write Project Overview Statement

Figure 14.2 Establishing Conditions of Satisfaction.

We should now have agreement and a clear understanding of what is being asked and what can be done. There will be some negotiating to reach agreement, and you shouldn't assume that everything is in sync until finishing the process. Note that the requestor and provider, through their earlier conversations, have established a common language. They each understand the other, which will smooth the negotiating that will take place. This understanding is one of the major benefits of COS; a clear communication link is now established between the two parties. This communication link is very important now because the project does not have a clear solution. It will take the best efforts of both the project team and the client to fashion a solution that meets the expectations of the client.

The COS process is not a one-time event. It occurs continuously throughout the project. At each client checkpoint, revisit the COS. Because of the learning and discovery that has taken place, something will have surely changed that renders the previous agreement obsolete. This revisiting the COS is your guarantee of always staying in alignment with what the client needs. It is also the pathway to move the client from what they want to what they need. Remember, APF embraces change, and here is the place where change enjoys the light of day.

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