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APF begins with a stated business problem or opportunity. This beginning is the same as TPM. A request has been made to develop a solution to the stated problem or opportunity, and that request has all the earmarks of a project. At this point, we are not at all sure what kind of project this might be or how we might approach it from a methodology perspective. A Conditions of Satisfaction (COS) conversation takes place between the requestor and the provider to define more clearly exactly what is needed and what will be done to meet that need. The result of that conversation is a decision as to which project management approach will be followed: traditional (covered in Part I), extreme (covered in Chapter 19), or APF. We have decided that APF is the approach to be taken, so a project scoping document, specifically, a Project Overview Statement (POS), is written.

Figure 13.1 The Adaptive Project Framework.

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