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We think you will find our treatment of traditional project management (TPM) a refreshing change from the usual fare you have been subjected to. In keeping with the format of the second edition, there will be plenty of opportunity to practice the tools and techniques that we have used successfully for many years and are now sharing with you. In all of the chapters throughout the book, we close with a Discussion Questions section. These questions are thought-provoking and should give those reading this book food for thought and the faculty teaching from this book ample opportunity to engage the class in lively discussion. The questions will often set up a situation and ask for a recommended action. There are no right answers. The short, practical exercises; thought-provoking discussion questions; and comprehensive simulated problems reinforce your practice of newly acquired knowledge. You'll also find a rich source of practice-oriented materials, such as the use of Post-It notes and whiteboards for project planning, many of which are not to be found in other books on the subject.

For those who are familiar with the second edition, you will note that Part I in this edition contains essentially the entire second edition. In other words, it covers all of traditional project management. We have not deleted any material on traditional project management but have actually added some new material. In Part I, you will find new or expanded discussions of the project management environment, risk management, procurement management, managing client expectation, estimating cost, organizing the project team, establishing team operating rules, communications management, change management, project status meetings, and critical chain project management.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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