To Develop the POS

The Joint Project Planning (JPP) session is the tool we recommend for developing the project plan. We will not discuss the full project planning exercise until Chapter 8. However, in this section, we briefly discuss how it could be used to draft the POS. In fact, there will be situations where you will want to convene a planning session to draft the POS.

Whenever a COS exercise has not been completed and the project manager is given the project assignment (remember the water cooler example?), the first step that project manager should take is to convene a preplanning session to draft a POS. This session will involve the customer or his or her representative, the project manager, and, if they have been identified, key members of the project team.

Drafting the POS is the first part of the JPP. It may have to be completed in two parts. The first part drafts the POS; the second part completes the detailed plan after having received approval of the POS.

The first order of business is to agree on the request and the response to the request. These are the Conditions of Satisfaction and become the problem/ opportunity, goal, objectives, and success criteria parts of the POS.

Next, you conduct a sanity check with those who were not party to developing the COS. Discussion should follow until all parties are satisfied with the request and the response. Expect to add to the COS in reaching consensus.

The last item is to complete the assumptions, risks, and obstacles portion. Here the planning participants will be able to offer a number of points to consider.

Beginning with the POS, the planning team will often begin the planning session by spending some time discussing the POS in greater detail. This will bring the team to a greater depth of understanding of the scope of the project. That additional information should be documented in the Project Definition Statement. The PDS is a document for the exclusive use of the project team. It is discussed later in this chapter.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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