The later in the sequence this occurs, the less likely any action will be taken.

Penetration into the Middle Third of the Buffer

Penetration into the middle third of the buffer does call for some action on the part of the CCPM project manager. In this case, the correct action is to investigate the cause of the slippage and put a get-well plan in place. The earlier in the sequence this occurs, the more serious the problem.

Penetration into the Final Third of the Buffer

Penetration into the final third of the buffer is serious regardless of when in the sequence it occurs. Obviously, if it is in the first third of the duration of the sequence, it is very serious. If it occurs late in the final third, there may be little that can be done. In any case, action is called for.

Figure 12.7 is a matrix that can be used to determine schedule slippage severity and need for action as a function of buffer penetration and distance into the task sequence.

Buffer Penetration

First Third

Second Third

Final Third

First Third

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