Joint Project Planning Sessions

Chapters 4 to 7 have all included a brief discussion of how the Joint Project Planning (JPP) session relates to the chapter topics. In this chapter, we bring all of that information together, along with a treatment of the logistics of planning projects using the Joint Project Planning session.

Chapter Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, you will be able to:

♦ Understand the purpose of the Joint Project Planning session

♦ Know how to plan a Joint Project Planning session

♦ Decide who should attend the Joint Project Planning session

♦ Understand all of the deliverables from the Joint Project Planning session

♦ Explain the purpose of the project proposal

♦ Know the contents of the project proposal

All of the planning activities we've discussed so far to create the detailed project plan take place in a JPP session. We advocate and use a group process for generating the detailed project plan. The JPP is a group session in which all of the people who are involved in the project meet to develop the detailed plan. The session can last from one to three days, and it can be work-intensive. Often, there is conflict between session attendees, but the final result of this meeting is an agreement about how the project can be accomplished within a specified time frame, budget, resource availabilities, and customer specification.

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