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We recommend two work package documents.

Work package assignment sheet. This is a very special type of telephone directory used as a ready reference for the project manager. It contains some basic information about each work package and its manager.

Work package description report. This is a detailed description of the activity plan. It contains much of the same information that is found in a project plan, but it focuses on activities, not projects. It is therefore a much simpler document than a project plan, even though it contains the same type of information as the project plan.

Work Package Assignment Sheet

The work package assignment sheet, shown in Figure 7.3, is a report for the project manager only. It includes the earliest start and latest finish times for each activity. This sheet is one of the few resources available to the project manager and should not be made available to anyone other than the project manager. The project manager is unlikely to tell an activity manager that the activity is scheduled for completion on July 15, for example, but the activity manager really has until August 15 because of slack. Activity managers should be given only the scheduled start and end dates for their activities.

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