Discussion Questions

1. A number of your clients seem to be abusing the change request process. You have seen an increase in the number of frivolous requests. These, of course, must be researched and resolved, and that takes away from the time that your team members can do actual project work. From a process point of view what might you do? Be specific.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of checking up on the accuracy of status reports filed by your team members?

Case Study

The project work is soon to begin, and you are conferring with your team members to decide on reporting requirements and frequency. Take into account the stakeholders in this project and what their needs might be. Refer back to the case study background in the Introduction for the input you will need to answer the following questions:

♦ Who are the people that you need to hear from to know if they are satisfied with your progress on this project?

♦ How will you get information from your team and get it to the other stakeholders for this project?

♦ You have already determined one major constraint desired by the management of Jack Neift. How will that affect your monitoring and control of this project?

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