Discussion Questions

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of holding a JPP session on-site versus off-site?

2. Your planning session seems to have reached an impasse. The planning team is divided between two ways to approach a particularly difficult part of the project. Approximately two-thirds of them want to use a well-tested and well-understood approach. The remaining third (of which you are a member) wants to use a new approach that has the promise of significantly reducing the time to complete this part of the project. You are the project manager and feel very strongly about using the new approach. Should you impose your authority as project manager and take the new approach, or should you go with the majority? Why? Why not? Be specific. Is there anything else you might do to resolve the impasse?

Case Study

Based on the case and the description of management of the Jack Neift Trucking Company, which of the managers will need to be involved only at the beginning of the project to gather requirements and which will be needed all the way through the project? For those not participating actively, what communication will you give to them?

Also, who needs to be in your JPP session? List these persons by title and include those people whom you listed in your resource recommendations from the previous chapter.

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