We cover this topic in more detail in Chapter 5, Chapter 7 (where we talk about scheduling project activities), and Chapter 9.


Resources are assets, such as people, equipment, physical facilities, or inventory, that have limited availabilities, can be scheduled, or can be leased from an outside party. Some are fixed; others are variable only in the long term. In any case, they are central to the scheduling of project activities and the orderly completion of the project.

For systems development projects, people are the major resource. Another valuable resource for systems projects is the availability of computer processing time (mostly for testing purposes), which can present significant problems to the project manager with regard to project scheduling.

The Scope Triangle

Projects are dynamic systems that must be kept in equilibrium. Not an easy task, as we shall see! Figure 1.1 illustrates the dynamics of the situation.

The geographic area inside the triangle represents the scope and quality of the project. Lines representing time, cost, and resource availability bound scope and quality. Time is the window of time within which the project must be completed. Cost is the dollar budget available to complete the project. Resources are any consumables used on the project. People, equipment availability, and facilities are examples.

Figure 1.1 The scope triangle.

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