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Putting It All Together

You now should know that we advocate a very specific definition of a project. If a collection of work is to be called a project, it must meet the definition. Once we know that it is a project, it will be subjected to a specific set of requirements as to its management. That is the topic of the next chapter.

Discussion Questions

1. Suppose the scope triangle were modified as follows: Resource Availability occupies the center. The three sides are Scope, Cost, and Schedule. Interpret this triangle as if it were a system in balance. What is likely to happen when a specific resource on your project is concurrently allocated to more and more projects? As project manager, how would you deal with these situations? Be specific.

2. Where would you be able to bring about cost savings as a program manager for a company? Discuss these using the standard project constraints.

3. Discuss ways that scope creep occurred on projects with which you have been associated. Was the project manager able to reverse scope creep? Is it possible to reverse scope creep? Defend either your yes or no answer.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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