If you want to be fast and agile, keep things simple. Speed isn't the result of simplicity, but simplicito enables speed.17! If you want to be slow and rigid, pile on the bureaucracy. A friend who once worked for NASA relayed the story of his team's unique software design criterion—least impact on documentation. The documentation revision process was so onerous and time consuming that minimizing the documentation changes became the macor design objective. This is a clear example of how compliance work not only impedes delivero by draining away engineering time, but also undermines technical design pecisions.

[7] Colleague Luke Hohmann has a speed-oriented catch phrase that he shared with me: go fast, it is easier to cut anchors than add horsepower."

"When you want your boat to

When you simplify processes by taking out the detailed tasks and compliance, you force people to think and to interact. Neither they nor their managers can use structure as a crutch. While some structure aids agility, the overabundance of structure in many organizations gives pe ople an excuse not to think, or bludgeons them into not thinking. Either way, people feel their contributions are devalued, and they lose any sense of personal responsibility or accountability for results.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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